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About Us

Building Partnerships at Scrap Metal & Air-conditioner Recycling

Wreckers & Scrap Metal Entities

At Scrap Metal & Air-conditioner Recycling, we establish strong collaborations with a myriad of wreckers and scrap entities. These strategic partnerships empower us to maintain an efficient and uninterrupted workflow in our scrap processing operations. If you're contemplating forging a buyer or supplier alliance with Scrap Metal & Air-conditioner Recycling, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Plumbing & Air-conditioner Professionals

Our business has also cultivated relationships with numerous experts in the Plumbing and air-con fields. Owing to their profession, these individuals often find themselves with a variety of metals or compressors that need disposal. We’re here to facilitate that process.

Battery Retailers & Electrical Technicians

Battery retailers occasionally find themselves with obsolete batteries. At Scrap Metal & Air-conditioner Recycling, we pride ourselves on responsibly and securely managing all battery types.


Electricians, similar to plumbers, often generate surplus materials once their tasks are complete. We come into the picture by alleviating this burden, seamlessly handling their scrap needs.

Automotive Sector & Car Salvage Experts

With an influx of automotive remnants at Scrap Metal & Air-conditioner Recycling, our connections with car salvage specialists and automotive enterprises have grown robust. We play a pivotal role in their operations by effectively managing excess vehicle components.

Demolition Specialists & Waste or Recycling Services

Demolition professionals often find synergy with metal recycling services, especially considering the volume of metal residues from their projects. Similarly, waste container businesses consistently deal with diverse scrap materials. As a key player in the industry, Scrap Metal & Air-conditioner Recycling provides these sectors with efficient scrap management solutions. We're continually exploring new partnerships, so if our services align with your needs, let’s connect!

Household Appliances

Household appliances, when they've served their time, need proper disposal. Whether a business is replacing these units or an individual needs to offload a malfunctioning item, Scrap Metal & Air-conditioner Recycling stands as the ideal destination. We bridge the gap for service providers tasked with replacing appliances, ensuring that the older, non-functional units find a responsible end at our facility.


What is Metal Recycling? 

Metal recycling is a vital process to reduce environmental impact, use fewer resources, and lower the production costs of new materials. This process is circular; metals can be scrapped, melted down, reused, and brought back to be recycled once more. Some metals you can continuously recycle without losing their properties. You can recycle many metals for reuse. These metals fall into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. 

How Does Metal Recycling Work? 

The metal you recycle goes through several steps before it comes back as a new product. This overall process includes:


  • Collection of materials

  • Separation of metals 

  • Shredding of metals for easier melting 

  • Melting of metals 

  • Purification of any impurities 

  • Shaping of metals into ingots 

  • Delivery of metal ingots for new use

This vital process helps to keep valuable metal out of landfills, helping to preserve finite materials. Almost one-third of all aluminum today consists of recycled materials. 

Scrap metal Adelaide
Scrap metal Adelaide Metal recycling Adelaide Metal recyclers Adelaide Scrap metal collection service adelaide Scrap metal yard Adelaide
Our Vision.


Our vision is two rid our country of its carefree nature to dispose of our metals to landfill where it remains for centuries.


Our aim is to provide a service that eliminates the need to mine further resources when we can recycle what we already have. You two can be a part of this vision.

Metals are one of the easiest materials to recycle and can be processed at many recycling centers and scrap metal facilities. Metals hold its value fairly well, and most types of metal can be recycled again and again with no change in their basic properties.  By recycling metals whenever possible, you can help protect the environment, reduce energy consumption, and keep metal out of our landfills to free up space for other types of trash that can't be recycled. 

Scrap metal Adelaide Metal recycling Adelaide Metal recyclers Adelaide Scrap metal collection service adelaide Scrap metal yard Adelaide
Scrap metal Adelaide Metal recycling Adelaide Metal recyclers Adelaide Scrap metal collection service adelaide Scrap metal yard Adelaide
Company Profile.


Since our inception we have assisted many respected south Australian business with the eco friendly disposal and recycling of their:

  • White goods

  • Air-cons

  • Gym sets

  • Trailers

  • Cars

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Copper brass and anything else metal.

Our services allow the public to either entrust us to pick up their scrap metal loads or provide you the option to come to us where we pay you for your bulk scrap metal items.


Any business is welcome to engage us for pour services. Our team is along team is here to assist wherever possible with your metal recycling needs.

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